My weird letter grading system (haters gonna hate):

Letter Grade Percentage
A++ 100% or more
A+ 93%-99%
A 90%-92%
A- 87%-89%
B++ 83%-86%
B+ 80%-82%
B 77%-79%
B- 73%-76%
C++ 70%-72%
C+ 67%-69%
C 63%-66%
C- 60%-62%
D+ 53%-59%
D 47%-53%
D- 41%-47%
F 0%-41%

*Disclaimer: All album reviews are based on my own opinion, I’m not some definitive voice on music, I’m just some guy, my review system can be rather blunt and sometimes will rank albums lower than even I anticipated. Keep in mind I’m reviewing the album as a whole, not individual songs. So just because an album ranks low doesn’t mean I absolutely hate every damn song on it, there could’ve been a lot of interludes dragging it down, anyways, again, I’m just some guy, let’s all not lose our heads here.

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