Empire Of The Sun-Two Vines (2016)

My Rating: 100% (A++)

Pitchfork Rating: N/A

Rolling Stone Rating: N/A

Metacritic Rating: 66%

Average Rating: 83%

Tracklist (Standout songs underlined):

  1. Before
  2. High and Low
  3. Two Vines
  4. Friends
  5. There’s No Need
  6. Way To Go
  7. Ride
  8. Digital Life
  9. First Crush
  10. ZZZ
  11. To Her Door
  12. Keystone
  13. Lend Me Some Light
  14. Welcome To My Life

Favourite Song on Album:

Listen to This Album When You’re:

On the search for poppy fun music to turn your brain off to.

Thoughts on Album Cover:

It’s trippy and weird and consistent with their other covers.

Want to Own on Vinyl?:

Yes, absolutely!

Final Thoughts:

Empire of the Sun was one of the first dream pop bands that I got into, and I feel like I kind of owe them for helping me get into bands like Blonde Redhead and Beach House (Well, them and Richard Sandlin), this album is consistently entertaining brain candy. It’s nothing new, let’s get that straight, but it is really fun and really easy to turn your brain off to. It’s interesting to see the response to this band (mostly negative) after the release of their single Walking on a Dream, people are expecting them to reinvent the wheel, but these guys just wanna make funky music, and they’ve never failed at that.

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