King Krule-The Ooz (2017)

My Rating: 84% (B++)

Pitchfork Rating: 90%

Rolling Stone Rating: N/A

Metacritic Rating: 80%

Average Rating: 85% (B++)

Tracklist (Standout songs underlined):

  1. Biscuit Town
  2. The Locomotive
  3. Dum Surfer
  4. Slush Puppy
  5. Bermondsey Bosom (Left)
  6. Logos
  7. Sublunary
  8. Lonely Blue
  9. Cadet Limbo
  10. Emergency Blimp
  11. Czech One
  12. A Slide In (New Drugs)
  13. Vidual
  14. Bermondsey Visin (Right)
  15. Half Man Half Shark
  16. The Cadet Leaps
  17. The Ooz
  18. Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver)
  19. La Lune


True Panther Sounds, XL

Favourite Song on Album:

Listen to This Album When You’re:

Sleepy and angry/confused.

Thoughts on Album Cover:

It’s awesome, fits the music perfectly.

Want to Own on Vinyl?:

Already do, it’s awesome.

Final Thoughts:

I finally got to see this guy live and I was stoked out of my mind, I couldn’t believe how big the crowd was to see him, I kind of thought he was somewhat unheard of but I guess I was wrong. Well, maybe that was the case before The Ooz dropped this year, an album that gained considerable critical acclaim from both fans and music bloggers. It’s worthy of the praise, The Ooz is unlike anything you’ve ever heard, even previous King Krule albums don’t quite sound like it. This is one of those albums that an amazing pair of headphones would really bring alive. There are multi-layered tracks that are so hard to unpack, but I can’t wait to sit down and spend more time with it. The Ooz is an incredibly unique album, I’m so glad King Krule is gaining popularity!

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