Damien Rice-My Favourite Faded Fantasy (2014)

Record Review Requested By: Trevor Loken

My Rating: 94% (A+)

Pitchfork Rating: N/A

Rolling Stone Rating: N/A

Metacritic Rating: 76%

Average Rating: 85%

Tracklist (Standout songs underlined):

  1. My Favourite Faded Fantasy
  2. It Takes a Lot to Know a Man
  3. The Greatest Bastard
  4. I Don’t Want to Change You
  5. Colour Me In
  6. The Box
  7. Trusty and True
  8. Long Long Way

Favourite Song on Album:

Listen to This Album When You’re:

Angry/sad and need to get it out of your system.

Thoughts on Album Cover:

Super cool, I wish I could draw as well as the person who did the cover.

Want to Own on Vinyl?:


Final Thoughts:

Damien Rice’s My Favourite Faded Fantasy sounds like an epic. As if a man who has been in a marriage for years has lost everything and is putting it into his music. Huge sounding. Really beautiful, but incredibly sad and angry. It’s great for any angsty teen/adult/baby that may be out there. I can see myself singing some of these lyrics loudly in the middle of the night. Honestly if you haven’t gotten into Damien Rice yet, it’s about damn time. This is a great starting point, but honestly all of his albums are.

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