Metronomy-Love Letters (2014)

My Rating: 90% (A)

Pitchfork Rating: 52%

Rolling Stone Rating: 60%

Metacritic Rating: 73%

Average Rating: 68.8%

Tracklist (Standout songs underlined):

  1. The Upsetter
  2. I’m Aquarius
  3. Monstrous
  4. Love Letters
  5. Month of Sundays
  6. Boy Racers
  7. Call Me
  8. The Most Immaculate Haircut
  9. Reservoir
  10. Never Wanted

Favourite Song on Album:

Listen to This Album When You’re:

Needing an electronic album that can be both uplifting and sad at different times.

Thoughts on Album Cover:

I really love it, can’t wait to own it on vinyl, it’ll look beautiful in my collection.

Want to Own on Vinyl?:


Final Thoughts:

Metronomy showcases their skill on Love Letters, in a song like Love Letters they can show their poppy radio friendly side, and in I’m Aquarius their sad/dark side. It’s a really awesome album that can appeal to a wide array of music fans. I’m not sure I’d consider it my favourite work of theirs (probably The English Riviera) but I’m stoked to have it on my mp3 player and will be searching out the vinyl version next time I have the money, time, and recall.

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