Bon Iver-22, A Million (2016)

My Rating: 90% (A)

Pitchfork Rating: 90%

Rolling Stone Rating: 80%

Metacritic Rating: 87%

Average Rating: 87% (A-)

Tracklist (Standout songs underlined):

  1. 22 (OVER S∞∞N)
  2. 10 d E A T h b R E a s T ⚄ ⚄
  3. 715 – CRΣΣKS
  4. 33 “GOD”
  5. 29 #Strafford APTS
  6. 666 ʇ
  7. 21 M♢♢N WATER
  8. 8 (circle)
  9. ____45_____
  10. 00000 Million



Favourite Song on Album:

Listen to This Album When You’re:

Driving through a mountain pass.

Thoughts on Album Cover:

Absolutely beautiful.

Want to Own on Vinyl?:


Final Thoughts:

So I’ll give you the truth, this is my least favourite Bon Iver so far, but it still scored 90%, showing that the band can do very little wrong in my mind. 22, A Million is an album that takes time to digest, it’s one of those albums that’s hard to fully comprehend the first few listens, and personally it still hasn’t quite grown on me yet. It’s an album that feels like homework, it demands your attention. From the baffling track names (666 ʇ) to the overly synthy vocody-ness where the vocals sometimes get fuzzy, 22, A Million is nothing if not innovative. This may not be Bon Iver’s greatest offering, but it’s a better album than most artists make in a whole life’s work.

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